Five for Five: Pictures

Moments n life
times long gone
in black and white
fading color
or ever bright pixels
Each evokes a memory
takes me
to that forever past
Family days
since shattered
Beloved children
tiny and helpless
now towering over me
All that I see
forever altered, forever gone
one thing remains
invisible now as then


3 Responses to “Five for Five: Pictures”

  1. momalomjen Says:

    I love the stop and start rhythm here. The pauses. The seeming simplicity of words that conveys so much more and paint I picture I can not only see but feel.

    • Thanks so much – I’m glad you liked it! I didn’t start out to write a poem, it just decided that was what it wanted to be. Reminds me of how much poetry I used to write, and how much I miss it! Can’t thank you and Sarah enough for Five for Five!

  2. This captures it…my mini me is almost taller than me 😦 How did that happen?

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