Five for Five: Age

I was all set to write a moving, or at least whiny, piece on the horrors of turning 50, which I will be doing in a couple of months. But life decided to intervene, thus sparing you  my middle-aged angst. But the day was a perfect illustration of the age I am, and the place I’m at in my life right this minute.
Start with the usual crazy rush to get everyone out the door on time.  Realize that it was actually today and not tomorrow that I promised to take my mother-in-law to the doctor.  Rush out the door, with a protein bar and a frapp for breakfast, skipping the shower I no longer had time for.  After the doctor, mother-in-law wants me to stay and visit for a while.  Can’t say no, of course, and I have some free time, right?  Eventually get home, remember I need to buy shorts for daughter’s play which is tonight (last minute request from the teacher).  Get gas, get shorts, drive to school to fetch boys, then to the church where daughter’s class is practicing their play.  Discover that daughter expects to be run home for a while, then back to the  play.  Run home, quickly arrange ride to and from Little League game for youngest son since now I won’t be home to take him, then run back to play venue with daughter.  Watch play (The Sound of Music – not bad for a bunch of 8th graders!)  Drive home with daughter and husband, picking up fast food for the 3rd time t his week (ti’s been that kind of week).  Then realize that I hadn’t had time to write my post on Age.  Which catches us up to where I am right this minute.

So here I am, on the cusp of 50.  Taking care of an aging parent, running children all over the place, juggling conflicting commitments.  And I find I’m too busy living to worry much about what number I’m turning.  At least for now.  But never fear – I expect my middle aged angst will find voice when the actual date is closer.  Stay tuned!


One Response to “Five for Five: Age”

  1. Sarah @ Momalom Says:

    This is an instance of how busy is good. So very good. So much better than having nothing at all to do and no one to take care of.

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