Starting Over

It has been far too long since last I wrote. My last post was on my 50th birthday – that was nearly 3 years ago! I’ve thought, off and on, about coming back and blogging again, but I’ve never gotten around to it before.
Somehow, it seems hard to write often. I mainly get the urge to write when something really big or important moves me. And sometimes I have written about things like that. But by the time the draft is finished, I have whatever it was out of my system and don’t feel the need to actually post it any more.  And the usual day to day things seems small and too insignificant to write about.
And yet, it’s always in the back of my mind – this online space where I can write about anything, say anything that I don’t mind the universe reading. And I do love to write – always have. I once thought I’d be a writer or a poet. Surely even 53 isn’t too late to start?  And maybe part of the challenge is finding something interesting to say, even about the mundane things.
So here I am, back to give this blog another go. I make no promises that it will all be brilliant or riveting, but it will all be me. I hope you enjoy it!
NOTE: When trying to find my way back here I discovered another blog called Mama Dragon’s Lair on Blogspot. If that’s what you were looking for, sorry for the confusion. Feel free to stick around!


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