Remembering Robin

Today I was reminded of the amazing human being who was Robin Williams. A Facebook friend posted a video of him that I hadn’t seen before. He was pretending to be the American flag. If you had asked me if anyone could be funny for over five minutes pretending to be a flag I would have said no. But Robin was.
I’m not a huge fangirl or celebrity worshipper. I don’t read People, I don’t watch Entertainment Tonight or check out the TMZ website. And when celebrities whose work I’ve enjoyed pass away, I’m sad about it, but only briefly. I might even watch a few of their movies that I particularly enjoyed, but it’s not a huge deal. Until Robin. Somehow, he’s different. I feel almost like I grew up with him. I was in high school when Mork and Mindy aired, and it was definitely a must see! I looked forward to that half hour every week (well, until the 3rd season at least). And his career took off from there – the stand-up, the movies – it was all wonderful. He has made me laugh harder than anyone else has ever. But he didn’t just make us laugh – he made us think, too. He always ended his stand-up shows with a little serious note. Serious but touching. Which made him perfect for roles like Mrs. Doubtfire. Just watching him, like when he was on Actor’s Studio, run through a whole world of characters in under five minutes, all inspired by a shawl he borrowed from the audience – it was breath taking.
But apparently underneath all that he was battling demons. And in the end, it was too much for him. He gave us all so much happiness, so much laughter. I wish he had saved some for himself, or that we could have given him some back when the darkness descended.
Thank you, Robin, for all the laughter, and all the deep thoughts. Thank you for sharing yourself with us all. The world is a lot less funny without you in it, but I hope now you’re at peace.


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