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Love It Up

Posted in 1 with tags on February 11, 2010 by czriley

I’ve been away from most things Internet lately. Didn’t have the heart for most of it. Then I decided to reconnect with Twitter and especially Momalom. Sarah and Jen are two of my favorite bloggers – why have I deprived myself of them for so long? Crazy! So I went to read their blog and discovered “Love It Up”, their new challenge for Valentine’s Day. Well, nothing more fun than a Momalom challenge! So I sat down and started a love letter to my husband. But then I started thinking about another love letter I might write. And now I’m kind of stuck, wondering which thing to write first. I may have to write both; we’ll see how inspired I get. So this post just serves as notice, I guess – love letter coming your way soon, stay tuned!