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25 Things About Me

Posted in General on December 13, 2009 by czriley

I know this was going around a little while ago.  And then for Momalom’s Half-Drunk Challenge some people did 10 Things.  I’m pretty new to blogging, and new to the community of bloggers that Momalom is helping to bring together.  So I thought I’d do 25 things, so anyone who has been reading my blog lately can learn a little bit more about me.

  1. I am impatient with others’ bad moods, but expect them to be patient with mine.
  2. I hate housework.
  3. I am a perfectionist.
  4. I love animals (we have 1 dog and 4 cats)
  5. My dog is a retired breeding dog for Canine Companions for Independence.
  6. I play Farmville and Farm Town on Facebook
  7. I love to read (mostly mysteries and sci-fi/fantasy)
  8. I have 3 kids; 14 yo boy, 11yo girl, 10yo boy
  9. 2 of my kids are adopted.
  10. I have been married for 24 years.
  11. I met my husband in 8th Grade.
  12. We didn’t start dating until 12th Grade
  13. My parents are divorced.
  14. My step-mother is Chinese.
  15. My step-father is an asshole.
  16. We play pinochle once a month with friends.
  17. My favorite rock star is Alice Cooper (saw him in concert in Oct. It was AMAZING!)
  18. My favorite movie is The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  19. I love to knit; especially felted animals.
  20. I like to bake; especially cookies.
  21. I was born in Zanesville, Ohio
  22. I did not attend the same school 2 years in a row until high school. (no, dad was NOT in the military)
  23. I have hazel eyes.
  24. I have long, light brown (or dark blonde) hair (and probably a few grey hairs as well)
  25. I am never good enough. At anything. Ever.

Hello world!

Posted in General on May 16, 2009 by czriley

Well, here I am with my own blog!  Why?  Well, I guess I thought it would be fun to try.  That and the 140 characters Twitter allows is just too dang short!  Can’t go on a proper rant with only 140 characters!

This will be a work in progress, of course.  Will take a bit to figure out all the features and things.  Topics that will most often come up include parenting/motherhood, knitting and reading.  Other things will crop up from time to time too.  I’d love to say it will always be deeply insightful or inspiring, but let’s be realistic.  I’m a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) with 3 kids, and I’m really into knitting and reading.  Maybe something I say about these things will be deep, maybe it will just be me blowing off steam.  We’ll see.