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A Short History of My Knitting

Posted in Knitting on May 23, 2009 by czriley

Well, my tag line above says this blog will be about knitting, among other things, and so far I haven’t mentioned knitting at all. So let’s fix that!
My mom taught me to knit when I was about 9.  I remember the first thing I knitted was a rather sloppy red shawl for my Barbie. Gosh, I was proud of that shawl. I also remember knitting something with blue and white yarn held together – don’t remember what it was, though.
I don’t remember knitting much after that until high school, when I decided to knit an afghan for my waterbed. Ah, weren’t the 70’s wonderful? But that’s a topic for another blog.  I bought a bunch of yarn and started knitting. No fancy pattern or anything, just straight knitting. Which, I discovered, quickly gets very boring. So the afghan is STILL not done – around 30 years later! It’s finally big enough that I really could stop, though the waterbed is long gone. But I still have 2 more skeins of yarn left that I bought specifically for this afghan, and I kind of want to use them as planned. At the moment, my desire to finish the dang thing is warring with my “but it’s for the afghan” feeling. No idea which side will win.
After high school I didn’t knit much, except to add an occasional row or two to the afghan.  But then when E got to first grade, he learned to knit, and my interest picked up. The school handwork teacher had a class for parents, and I took that and got to knit a cool little gnome. And I learned to purl, increase, and decrease, which opened the door to slightly more interesting projects. I got ambitious and decided to knit a shawl with a cool diamond lace pattern. Another long term project – one little mistake and the pattern messes up and you have to frog a few rows – it’s a headache! So aside from that and some scarves, my knitting didn’t really take off.
Then I started looking for more interesting things to knit. Started with the cat bed from Stitch and Bitch. Pretty cool! But the edge is basically another scarf – yawn!
And finally I discovered knitted animals that you felt. Eureka! It’s something different, and the darn things are so cute! My first was a gecko. I’ve since knitted another gecko, and added wings I designed myself. Then followed a third gecko, a koala, a llama, and a squirrel. I’m nearly done with a sheep, and have plans for more of all these, plus a cat.  Most of them will be gifts or donations to various holiday faires.
I’ve also discovered amigurumi. Or, more specifically, Hansigurumi. Amigurumi are cute little creatures, which I hear were usually crocheted (which I can’t do). Hansigurumi are knitted creations by the gifted designer Hansi Singh. Her patterns are amazing! And exactly what I was looking for – something really different! I’m going to try her earthworm first, then probably a jelly fish or hermit crab. If you like unusal knitting, definitely check her stuff out. She’s on etsy and Ravelry, and she has a book out called Amigurumi Knits.

Whew!  Talk about long winded!  And probably more than anyone wanted to know about my knitting!  From here on out I’ll probably limit myself to shorter entries about individual projects.  If you’ve stayed with me this long, have a drink – you’ve earned it!